Visit our dedicated Export Logistics Solutions software platform at and register for a free account. Wiltshire Logistics International Transportation Management (ITM) software platform is designed to automate all export processes. This software allows users to import all international orders, automate and save export documents, schedule pick-ups with Freight Forwarders and courier companies, process compliance screening for shipments, integration with company specific ERP and E-commerce, and much more!

  • Import/Export Automated Documents & Shipping Labels
  • Packing Optimization
  • Shipping Carrier Automation
  • Freight Forwarder Automation
  • International Trade Compliance
  • Product Screening
  • Harmonized Tariff Schedule Classification
  • International Trade Solutions
  • E-commerce connect
  • Automated Reporting Systems
  • ISF Filing
  • ACH automation
  • And many more features!

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Every business has untapped potential. 

Our goal is the development of innovative global trade solutions to manage all logistics and compliance (domestic and international). E-commerce integration, automating import and export documents, and freight forwarder networking are some of the standard services offered on Wiltshire's ITM platform. Wiltshire International Group, LLC specializes in efficiency and optimization of global supply chain management.

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